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Pulse is very excited for our 2022-23 season and to introduce our amazingly talented, strong and dedicated coaching staff. 


Head Coach / Michelle Camoraino

Assistant / Becca Thomson



Head Coach / Morgan Gomez

Assistant / Emeri Lane 

Assistant / Zoe Kossart


13Black (Power Team)

Head Coach / Rosie Price

Assistant / Mady Coughran



Head Coach / Sarah Beers

Assistant Coach / Bella Cormack


14Black (Power Team)

Head Coach / Jeanne Keener

Assistant / Jessie Stanley


Head Coach / Shaylynn Beam

Assistant Coach / Alyssa Cogburn


15Black (Power Team)

Head Coach / John Bartlett 

Assistant / Ellie Crowell


15Pink (Power Team) 

Head Coach / Morgan Gomez

Assistant / Adalia Baciocco


16Black (Power Team)

Head Coach / Cassidy Caton

Assistant / Kaylene Ureno


16Pink (Power Team)

Head Coach / Alyssa Cogburn

Assistant Coach / Brooke Finnegan


18Black (Power Team)

Head Coach / Teresa Williamson

Assistant / Stephanie Ceja

Assistant / Shaylynn Beam


18Pink (Power Team)

Co-Head Coach  / Emili Rivera

Co-Head Coach / Avery Martin


Strength & Conditioning

Charles Hoffman

Our Amazing Pulse Support Staff

Lisa Lewis 

Stephanie Ceja

Teresa Williamson 

Coaching Staff Pictures & Bios

More Pictures & Bios to come!


Pulse Volleyball Club  
PO Box 1341, Ripon, CA 95366  


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